At the beginning of 2020, I would like to state company policy.

As a challenge of 2020, Fuji Design Co., Ltd. wants to step up from recyclers and compounders into a circular composite manufacturer with advanced responsiveness.
Of course, this does not mean to disregard recycling and compounding technology.

Our own developed carbon fiber recycling is an important basic technology for our company and it makes unique characteristics of recycled carbon fiber, meet the diverse needs of our customers, and offer new composite material products.

In March of last year, we obtained certification from the Ministry of the Environment for demonstration projects and after that, we released and open our technology.
In September, it was unveiled at the N-Plus exhibition as “Horizontal Recycling” with secondary processing technology. Next step is declaration construction of a circular system for carbon fiber.

Since then, we have been accepted and surprised by the various themes as if customers were waiting us for various industries.
Until now, every day of excitement!

We were able to find the optimal recycling conditions from the recycling examination and following compounding process to follow the customer’s request and application.
The resin used was various type of engineering plastics and super engineering plastics.  

We have done many trial compounding according to the purpose of use.
Obtained fiber content can be adjusted from 30% to a maximum of 50%, and samples are currently being submitted for evaluation.

The evaluation results are good, and data that is comparable to use new carbon fiber products and we are deepening our confidence.
Development of cooperation with resin manufacturers has been completed, and we have entered into the stage of providing to the market.

Building a circular system for rCF is urgently needed.
Recycling sources from various manufacturing field are surprisingly diverse, but we have the potential to technically address them. While customer evaluations are in progress, preparation mass production plant is proceeding smoothly, and the pellet sales business is scheduled to begin as soon as the compound and composite facilities are prepared for mass production.

During market research stage on horizontal recycling, we can learn and understand of many recycling sources, and we prospect for compound business. 

This year, as the next stage, we will shift to the development of a wide variety of long-fiber composites, not only compounds, but also new thin-walled material to use rCF.

We hope to accelerate the development of high-rigidity, high-strength technologies and demand creation.

Fuji Design hopes to contribute to the revival of Japanese manufacturing through the compound and composite businesses that contribute to the construction of carbon fiber circular systems.

New Year’s Day, 2020

Fuji Design Co.,Ltd.
Morihiko Sugino, CEO