CFRP recycling joint development project

Contributes to corporate sustainability CSR.

The approach of formulating a long-term corporate strategy in consideration of the impact that companies have on the environment, society, and economy through their business activities is called corporate sustainability.

FD aims to provide a recycling-type recycling system that recycles materials received from companies, processes them into desired products, and returns them.
We will conduct joint research on the optimal recycling system that meets the needs of companies.

With companies that continuously generate recycled CFRP materials, we will not only recover RCF, but also develop and mass-produce resin compounds that are accepted around the world in response to requests.

Research and development business///bb

Ono Laboratories is not only a carbon fiber recycling facility, but also a technology that aims to develop carbon fiber composite materials such as compound twin-screw extruders and long fiber composite manufacturing equipment, and press molding machines and IMR molding technologies that combine these into multiple layers. Aiming to become an exciting wonderland for adults, we are working to further improve secondary processing equipment.
Two conditions will be prioritized for joint research.

① A complete recycling business that provides CFRP generated in-house, takes out the RCF, and returns it to in-house use with a compound.
It is the world’s first business to fulfill our social responsibility by rewarding the Ministry of the Environment’s demonstration project certification and subsidy for two years.

② We will do our best to propose the technical development theme of No.1 or No.2 (Olympic gold medal, silver medal) in the world. This competitiveness demands the world’s market and raises Japan’s immature carbon fiber secondary processing technology to the world’s top level.

Patent information Recycling technology patent (pending)

The most ideal business model is to make a model that is close to horizontal recycling, in which recycled materials are picked up from the generating company, fibers are taken out, and recycled to the parts used or usable by the company. This ensures perfect traceability and quality assurance.
Already, we have started joint development agreements with many companies.
It ’s a waste of the treasure.
I think our mission is to return it to a state where it can be reused.