Business Scheme

Engineering plastic compounds based on long fiber technology to use recycle carbon fiber.

Advantages of FD

High performance of RCF (Carbon fiber recycling) is our new development Super engineering plastics or engineering plastics is compounded with new developed RCF up to high volume fraction.

That is capable of horizontal recycling to use integrated mass production line.

We can supply RCF to produce molding material to use our own specially prepared production equipment for various long carbon fiber reinforced composite materials.
With a wealth of over 30 year experience in engineering plastic compound design area, we can accept new CFRTP compound design from customers and follow the mass production level.
FD’s strength is its overwhelming horizontal recycling quality with low recycling cos.

New CFRP recycling system demonstrated in Ministry of the Environment

Recycling system of Hot Air Circulation method is demonstrated and receive verification certification from the Ministry of the Environment.

Recycling carbon fiber from used CFRP or process scrap, overseas and domestic pyrolysis manufacturer have problems such as difficulty in post-processing due to fuzz, generation of powder and its separation, etc.
The fiber strength is about 60 to 70% of the new fiber, and low reliability for reinforcing material.
High speed hot-air cyclic Pyrolysis, which has been verified by the Ministry of the Environment, will be the best way as precision pyrolysis.
The furnace, designed and manufactured in our laboratory, can select various pyrolysis pattern according to the matrix resin of the recycled product and its size, and reproduce stability is supported by the programable automatic operation system.
To prevent surface oxidation damage during pyrolysis, heating temperature is controlled under 500 degree C within short time up to maximum temperature.
The obtained fiber is bounded by small amount of amorphous carbon form thermoset matrix resin.  ///
It is possible to create a processing condition similar to that of a new product, and it is an epoch-making method that is an optimal material for compounding and other secondary processing.

The furnace designed and developed in-house has a benefit to control quickly processing temperature up to 500 °C and high cooling speed can be processed several times a day because of short cycle time is performed to use ceramic fiber furnace structure and a fully automatic LPG burner.
The initial investment is much smaller than the conventional furnaceh and fixed costs can be reduced to obtain low processing cost.
Concerning new CFRTP development, the world’s leading companies aim to develop mass production of 50-100mm fiber length and 40% to 60% long fiber composites in-house within 2 years..

RCFRTP (secondary processing) product business

In-house developed RCF have high level traceability to combine with various super engineering plastic.
In the past time carbon fiber reinforced super engineering plastics have limitation of application because of their high cost structure.
Reduced RCF cost with high volume fraction, CFRTP cost is improved dramatically to achieve acceptable market price.

This is the beginning of the long-awaited replacement of Formed and Fabricated metal to super engineering CFRTP.

① Develop a 30-50% recycled carbon fiber reinforced compound by supplying 25mm carbon fiber from loss in weight feeder to a side feeder.

In the demonstration project of the Ministry of the Environment, PC-25% RCF has been developed, and it has been reported that physical properties comparable to conventional products can be obtained.

② To use twin screw extruder, 2h5-50mm carbon fiber is remained longer in the extruded composite for press forming.

③ Developing SMC shape  for press molding of 50-100mm carbon fiber.

Surface decoration business

From our long-bterm experience in the plastic business field, it is possible to apply IMR to compound and composite exterior products that were previously considered difficult.
We can prepare in-house IMR design and mass production to expand more application of new CFRTP materials.