Our CEO Mr. Morihiko Sugino return to carbon and composite material business field.

30 years ago, he had been working in carbon material and carbon/carbon composite business area to develop aircraft brake material and fuel-cell carbon separator.  And next developed PA-30%CF for note book computer cabinet case.  The market is too small and immature in Japan.  

 He turned the business area to develop non-fiber reinforced plastic compound of transparent polycarbonate for iMac and additional PC-ABS compound and its development.

He also developed In-mold releasing (IMR) film and developed the note book computer housing area according to customers request.

Recently the market strongly request light weight material to reduce CO2 emission and sustainable society for each consumption articles.

CFRP is one of big target to developed Horizontal Recycling.  To establish the technology, it is required not only develop carbon fiber recycling technology but also secondary processing of compounding and molding.

He had been many experiences of secondary processing mass production.  It is not difficult to establish Horizontal Recycling after he develop new recycling technology to keep bundle carbon fiber.

Fuji Design Company start co-development with many Japanese companies to develop PA6, PA9T compound and PES and LCP base composite to use our long fiber technology.

Under the condition, we would like to contact with oversee company to co-develop Horizontal Recycling process in automobile and air craft area.